Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat Wheelchairs

A cat wheelchair or cart can enhance the quality of life for felines who cannot use their hind legs due to paralysis, injury or other disability. These mobility devices allow your cat to walk, run, defecate, and sometimes even lie down, depending on the model.Wheelchairs for cats typically feature two harnesses: a harness that supports the cat’s shoulders and a harness that supports the cat’s hips or pelvic region.Some cats may get frustrated because the wheels of the wheelchair can get stuck when they go around corners. Whether or not your cat will be able to adapt to a wheelchair depends on his or her personality.

A cat owner needing a cat wheelchair can ask the veterinarian for the recommendation of a manufacturer or search for one on the Internet. The Cat Wheelchairs is like a type of Disability Products.The measurements of the cat are often necessary when ordering a cat wheelchair to ensure that the wheelchair will fit the cat properly. The cat owner should be able to contact the company if a problem should arise.


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